About Aly

Hi, I’m Aly!

I’m an energy healer, spiritual mentor, author, retreat facilitator and much more!

My mission is to help you align more with your heart and create a life that deeply fulfills you. I do this in many ways – through my books, energy healing sessions, coaching and mentorship sessions and retreats.

We’ve been taught a false story that we have to just “go through the motions” – LIES. Life is meant to be joyous and to utilize our gifts to create a life we are obsessed with. That’s what I help you do, from the tiny parts to the big parts.

Something that I guide my life from:

My goal is to MEET my higher self as an equal when I pass on from this life. Anything less is just unacceptable.

The thought of not living up to my highest potential is honestly my biggest fear in life. One of my big motivators used to be fear of living an average, mediocre life. Now my biggest fear is not meeting my potential. I do that by consistently stretching myself and utilizing the gifts I was given. I am creating my life from the space of my Divine Mission and my greatest desires, and that’s it, and I help you do the same.

In 2015, I had my first big spiritual awakening. I was 24 years old and had checked off all the boxes that society marked as “successful”:

  • Good job, making good money
  • Nice apartment
  • Cute little Jetta in the garage
  • Long-term boyfriend

The problem was, that I wasn’t impressed with myself in the least. I was GOOD at my job, but I didn’t like what I did everyday for 8 hours a day. The thought of doing it for another 50 years literally put me into a deep depression. I spent my weekends either partying, to forget about work, or sleeping with a migraine. I regularly cried in the bathroom at work, wondering how I could do this until I retired in 50 years. It wasn’t the job – it was the whole 9 to 5 model of “adulting” that terrified me.

I had no desire to live some boring life where each day was a repeat of the day before and I lived for the weekends. I daydreamed all day of traveling the world. But that couldn’t happen with my 7 days of vacation and 3 sick days per year.

A miracle occurred and I started to see glimpses of people who were living life on their own terms and making money without working for anyone else. I also started to learn about Bali – and felt incredibly called, even though I didn’t know a soul there. As my depression and misery grew, I decided that this time of my life was probably the only time I would have the freedom to take a big risk, quit my job, and go do yoga teacher training in Bali for 8 weeks. I escaped – and the remembrance of who I really was began. The spiritual awakening occurred and continues to unravel.

When I came back from Bali, I did NOT want to teach yoga, so that was kind of a problem hahaha. So, I went back to another corporate job (with I doubled my salary) and spent all of my extra time learning about spirituality, building a business, manifestation, energy work – literally anything I could get my hands on. I went to so many events and conferences and quickly was offered a job with one of the biggest companies in the world without even applying (with double the salary of my current position). This all happened within 6 months of me going to Bali.

When you follow your heart, the Universe supports you. It’s not always in the exact way you want, but she supports you, that’s for sure.

I thought this new job with a hefty salary at 25 years old was the answer. Except, I still found that I hated the way I was spending my time and the work didn’t fulfill me at all – I wasn’t making a difference. I wasn’t using y real gifts. I was great at my job and was constantly praised for my work, but I still wasn’t impressed with myself.

So, I moved to California from Florida, staying with the same company, and created a plan to leave my job and work for myself within a one year time frame. I did!

I left that job in early 2018 and have been working for myself ever since.

I’m so grateful that now I am able to utilize my gifts and follow my intuition with so much flexibility and freedom, which has allowed me to travel the world at a vast rate and help so many people, in a way that I was not able to when I worked a 9 to 5 job.

In the time since I’ve left the corporate world, I’ve had many rebirths and shifted my career in many ways! I started out helping people with marketing and building their own businesses, then shifted to spiritual coaching and have now shifted to mostly energy healing work and writing books.

After this novel, all you really need to know about me is that I’m obsessed with crystals, Beyonce, traveling the world and fulfilling my Soul Mission on this planet, which is basically to help you realize your own Divinity within and live from your heart space.

Thanks so much for reading! I’d love to connect with you on Instagram, which is where I hangout most and you can keep up with me the easiest. You can also reach me through email at alywilkinsabundance@gmail.com.